The Model 3010B Bench Top Analyzer

To our valued customers,

Magellan Diagnostics, Inc. is discontinuing the production of Metexchange® reagents and support of the Model 3010B Blood Lead Testing System.

We will continue to manufacture Metexchange reagents through December 2014, and intend to help upgrade all of our customers to the LeadCare Ultra® or LeadCare® Plus system by April 2015.


The 3010B Bench Top Analyzer is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be ordered directly through our Customer Service department.  Available items are listed below:

Item Description Item Number
Kit A Blood Lead Analysis*
Contains 50 cuvettes of premeasured Metexchange® M and 10 cuvettes each of Hi and Lo-Level calibrators. 
Kit F1 Metexchange Cuvettes*
Contains 70 cuvettes of premeasured Metexchange M
Bulk M
500 ml bottle of Metexchange M
Plating Solution, 3.4 mls per cuvette (5 per pkg.) 45-0058

*NOTE: Plating solution is no longer part of the kit. Please order plating solution below as needed.

Calibrators and Controls:  
Lo Calibrator Kit
Contains 70 cuvettes of blood lead Lo-Level calibrators
Hi Calibrator Kit
Contains 70 cuvettes of blood lead Hi-level calibrators
Linearity Check Kit
Contains 24 prepared check samples with concentrations ranging from approximately 10 µg/dL to 90 µg/dL.
Level 1 Blood Lead Control
Contains 3 vials of low control with 3 vials of premeasured water for reconstitution.
Level 2 Blood Lead Control
Contains 3 vials of control mid-range with 3 vials of premeasured water for reconstitution.
Level 3 Blood Lead Control
Contains 3 vials of high control with 3 vials of premeasured water for reconstitution.
Electrodes, Accessories, and Reagents:  
3060B Electrode
Analytical Electrode for the Model 3010B
Chart Recorder Paper, rolls 50-0098
Electrode Refurbishing tool 50-0091
Electrode Simulator Test Load  70-1064
Reference Compartment
PTFE compartment with vycor frit for use with 3060B electrode
Reference Compartment Set Screw 70-1721
Replacement Reference Electrode 70-3191
Replacement PTFE Coated Stirring Rod 55-0031
Motor Coupler  55-0013
Nickel Solution, 7.0 mls per cuvette (5 per pkg.) 45-0054
Operating Manual for the Model 3010B 70-1059
Polypropylene Cuvettes with caps, 18 mm O.D. x 77 mm, decontaminated (50 per pkg.) 45-0092
Recorder Pen, Blue (6 per pkg.) 50-0505
Screwdriver, slotted, 3/32” W x 2” L 50-0257
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 4” large 70-1049
Sodium Chloride Solution, 5 mL per cuvette (5 per pkg.) 45-0032
Sodium Chloride Crystals, 2 gms per cuvette (5 per pkg.) 45-0031
Steel Wool, for refurbishing tool (8 per pkg.) 50-0288
Syringe, 3cc, with N2 needle attached  55-0022

Preventative Maintenance & Service 

For information on service and support of the 3010B Bench Top Analyzer, contact Product Support.

Technical Literature

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Package Inserts
*This product is now manufactured by Magellan Diagnostics, Inc. formerly ESA.

Kit A*
Kit F1*
Bulk M*
Hi Calibrator Kit*
Lo Calibrator Kit*
Linearity Check Kit*
3010 Blood Lead Control Kit (Levels 1, 2 or 3)*

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