Sebring Ohio Experiences Water Warning As Well


The Sebring city manager has issued a warning saying that young Water-drop.jpgchildren and pregnant women should not drink the local water, after elevated levels of lead and copper were found. The Sebring water system serves 8,100 homes. The lead is not coming from the water source or the main pipes, but most likely from pipes in people's homes. Levels in some homes were found to be around 21 parts per billion. The EPA's standard is 15 parts per billion.  

The Ohio EPA is revoking the license of the city water superintendent after seven out of twenty homes checked showed elevated levels of the metals in their water. It is believed that the water superintendent faked records.  

Schools were closed, since children should not be drinking the water but were reopened on Monday the 25th after tests revealed that the water was safe. Bookmark and Share

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