Parents Should Be Careful Bathing Children in Water in Flint, MI


The water in Flint, Michigan, is still not safe, and parents are Cartoon-baby-bathing.jpgencouraged to be careful when bathing their youngsters. Flint switched their water back to the Detroit Water, but the corrosiveness of the Flint River water caused lead from the pipes to leech, and continue leeching into the water. Dr. Hanna-Attisha, the Hurley Medical Center pediatrician who called attention to the lead crisis, recommends that parents use caution when bathing young children, especially infants. 

The problem is not that lead will leech through a child's skin, as this is extremely unlikely. The bigger concern is that a child might accidentally swallow bath water. Any exposure to lead can be harmful, especially for young children. Dr. Hanna-Attisha recomends using lukewarm water, as hotter water might contain more concentrated levels of lead.

“Bathing a child, getting them clean and getting them out is the best way to make sure they’re not drinking unfiltered water,” says Dr. Eden Wells, the state’s chief medical executive and clinical associate professor of epidemiology at University of Michigan.  

If you believe your child has been exposed to lead, please contact your healthcare provider. 

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