Maryland Updates Testing Regulations


On Monday, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford of the Hogan administration, announced that Maryland would require lead testing for all 1 and 2 yeaCoat_of_arms_of_Maryland-svg.pngr olds in Maryland regardless of where they live. Parents will be required to submit proof of lead testing when their child enters a licensed day care or public pre-kindergarten through first grade program. 

Pediatricians and other health care providers are encouraged to use rapid test technology so that parents receive their child's result at their well-check visit. (LeadCare II is one of these rapid test technologies, giving results in 3 minutes.) An immediate result also means that prompt action can be taken to eliminate the exposure source.

Previous guidelines only required lead testing for children insured by Medicaid or living in high-risk areas. Under these regulations, only 20% of 1 and 2 year olds were being tested for lead exposure, leaving the other children who did not live in high risk areas to potentially go undiagnosed. Lead exposure causes permanent damage to a child's body and brain leading to lower IQ and behavioral issues, among other problems.

Kudos to Maryland for taking steps to ensure that all of their children can be happy, healthy and lead-free. 

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