Lead Flows from Colorado to New Mexico


Wastewater from an abandoned mine in Colorado began flowing into theAnimas_River_DSRR-(1).jpg Animas river on Friday and continued into Saturday. The EPA was supervising a cleanup team that accidentally breached a debris dam releasing the waste, which includes lead, cadmium and other metals. The yellow sludge flowed into New Mexico over the weekend. Local officials say there is little they can do until the full effects of the spill are known. Currently, they are keeping people away from the affected river and have shut off the river's access to the water supply. The towns whose water supply comes from the river have a 90-day water supply.  

Local residents were outraged as the EPA announced that the spill was three times larger than originally estimated. The EPA is working on creating two containment ponds for the waste. As water from the river washes up onto the banks due to flooding or storms, the metals will be deposited into the soil, which will likely increase the amount of lead children and adults in the area are exposed to. There will be numerous effects on human health, the environment and the local economy due to the spill. 

To Read More: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/11/us/durango-colorado-mine-spill-environmental-protection-agency.html?_r=0

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