Follow-up on Cleveland: How They're Addressing the Problem


Testing for and addressing the issue of lead exposure has fallen throughDowntown_Cleveland.JPG the cracks in Cleveland, with 10,000 children being exposed to lead in the past 5 years. A series of articles outline the specifics of Cleveland's lead problem. It was these articles that prompted action by the mayor and the health department in a meeting held by the city council the week of December 7th. Currently, the action points are:
  • The health department fired certain personnel. 
  • Two new investigators will be hired and trained for 2016 to allow the team of soon to be eight people to address 80% of the backlogged lead exposure cases.
  • 230 residences reported to the Department of Building and Housing as potentially being responsible for lead exposure for up to 700 children.
  • An overhaul of the system used to track cases. This involves a quick consolidation and entry of data from multiple sources or from cases that never made it into the system.  
All of these steps will help Cleveland get back on track and stay on track to protect their children from lead exposure. By preventing lead exposure, children will lead happier and healthier lives without suffering the effects of lead: IQ loss, behavioral issues, and kidney and heart problems. In the long run, Cleveland will spend less on special education costs and have a more productive future workforce.  

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