Black Friday Toy Reminder



In the midst of all of the Black Friday sales take a minute or two to check that the toys you purchase for small children are lead and toxin free. Unfortunately, there is no way to test a toy for lead without damaging it in the store, but here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Stay updated with recalls. We post lead related recalls on our website and share them to Facebook as they come up. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) keeps a complete list of all product recalls:

2. Look for toys manufactured in the United States. Toys manufactured here are subject to stricter standards which are more likely to be enforced.

3. Test an old toy before passing it down to children and grandchildren.  Your beloved childhood wagon might have lead paint. Toys with paint that is chipping due to age can increase the risk of exposure as the dust and paint chips more easily get on the child's hands, and into his or her mouth.  Bookmark and Share

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