3 Tips for a Lead Free Holiday


1.    Don’t let the kids help hang the lights.

Lead is used to keep the plastic from drying and cracking, and also acts as a flame retardant. Wash hands after handling coated electrical wires. Better yet, buy lead-free lights.

2.    Buy a lead-free artificial tree.

Unless your artificial tree was purchased recently, chances are it’s made with PVC, which is laden with lead.

3.    Give lead-free toys.

Buy American made toys, check the recall list frequently, and be cautious when gifting family heirlooms (http://www.cpsc.gov). 

Don’t be lulled into complacency because, “it’s only a small amount of lead.” There is no safe level of lead. Lead exposure is cumulative, and damage caused by this toxin is permanent. Young children are especially vulnerable. Use the links below as a starting point for lead-free decorating options.

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