Lead & LeadCare II

9/5/2018Product Recall: Black Satin Rust Oleum Countertop Paint

8/29/2018Recall Alert - BSN Sports Rubber Critter Toys

8/20/20185 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Child Back to School

5/24/2018National Women's Health Week 2018

4/19/2018Product Recall: Reduce Hydro Pro Water Bottles

3/31/2018Guidelines: Lead screening in pregnancy

3/29/2018Lead poisoning: Is your tap water safe to drink?

3/28/2018Foods that Fight Lead Contamination

3/21/2018March 22 is World Water Day-Nature for Water

3/14/2018How to reduce your family's exposure to lead

3/5/2018Symptoms of lead poisoning

2/28/2018Preparing for baby: 6 Ways to remove toxic lead from your home

2/21/2018Remodeling? Here's how to find and remove lead-based paint in your home

2/14/2018February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day

2/7/2018Missed Opportunities

1/26/2018For Pregnant Women Exposed to Lead, “an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure”

1/24/2018Screening versus Testing, an AAP clarification

1/17/2018The Rise in Blood Lead Levels at Pregnancy and Menopause

11/30/2017When should my child be tested for lead poisoning?

11/24/20177 Common sources of lead exposure

11/15/2017How Lead Exposure Affects Pregnancy and Developing Babies

3/16/2017Magellan Diagnostics and PDXWildlife Partner to Identify Lead Exposure in Giant Pandas

12/20/2016Magellan Diagnostics Signs Exclusive Partnership to Expand Blood Lead Testing in China

11/14/2016Timeline: 10 Years of LeadCare II

10/26/2016Lead Exposure Infographic

5/30/2016Portland Schools Struggle with Lead in Water

5/30/2016St. Paul Continues to Combat Lead Pipes

5/24/2016Connecticut Still Struggles with Lead Poisoning

5/6/2016New Jersey to Begin Water Testing in Schools

3/17/2016Lead Exposure: What Most Parents Don’t Know

2/5/2016Maryland Adopts Universal Testing Policy

1/27/2016Christie Vetoes Addition to Lead Hazard Fund

1/25/2016Sebring Ohio Experiences Water Warning As Well

1/13/2016Parents Should Be Careful Bathing Children in Water in Flint, MI

1/13/2016Baltimore City Council Looks to Step Up Fight Against Lead

1/11/2016New Study Links Lead to ADHD

12/31/2015On-site Screening of Lead Exposure with PXRF

12/31/2015Lead Exposure in New Jersey Decreases, but Persists

12/30/2015Timeline of Flint's Water Crisis

12/29/2015Memphis Takes Advantage of Federal Funds to Test Homes for Lead

12/13/2015Flint Michigan Adds Third-Party Water Testing

11/25/2015Black Friday Toy Reminder

11/16/2015Lead Exposure Affects Children's Sleep

11/13/2015New England EPA Gives Out $1.75 million in Grants

10/24/2015National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Activities

10/24/2015A Look At Lead in Maine

10/21/2015Liquid Lead: Lead in Drinking Water

10/20/2015A Message from President Amy Winslow, Lead Could be a Spooky Addition this Halloween

10/7/2015Flint Officials Are No Longer Saying the Water Is Fine

8/14/2015Point-of-Care Testing Featured at This Year's AACC

8/10/2015Lead Flows from Colorado to New Mexico

7/31/2015Could Your Job be Putting Your Family at Risk?

6/25/2015LeadCare II identifies lead exposure in India

6/25/2015New Jersey Looks to Replenish a Very Depleted Lead Prevention Fund

6/18/2015How Lead Exposure Affects the Academic Achievement Gap

6/17/2015A Message from President, Amy Winslow: Lead Awareness is Coming, Slowly but Surely

2/26/2013San Diego Housing Commission Tests Children for Lead Poisoning

12/17/2012Lead Poisoning Cases Offer New Reminder About Hazards Of Ancient Remedies

10/3/2012LRGHealthcare Obtains Lead Screening Machines for Use at Area Physician Practices

8/2/2012Folk remedy linked to baby’s high lead levels

7/12/2012Pilot Program Aims to Screen More Children for Lead Poisoning

6/27/2012The National Minority Quality Forum Launches Lead Risk Index

5/10/2012Magellan Diagnostics Partners with the National Minority Quality Forum to Provide Nationwide Lead Exposure Data to the Public

3/2/2012Hackensack Chosen for Lead Poisoning Trial Site

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