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National Women's Health Week 2018


Women's health is important at all ages and stages life; however, it's our focus when getting pregnant becomes a priority. Dr. JJ offers these health tips to get you ready for pregnancy.


Guidelines: Lead screening in pregnancy


Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend screening all pregnant women for lead exposure risk factors. If any of the following risk factors are present, a blood lead test is recommended.


Lead poisoning: Is your tap water safe to drink?


The EPA mandates that all community water systems send a yearly water quality report, Consumer Confidence Report, by July 1 each year. Find your community’s CCR here.


Foods that Fight Lead Contamination


A healthy diet can reduce the amount of lead a child absorbs from the environment, as well as provide the nutrients needed for normal development.


March 22 is World Water Day-Nature for Water


When water is scarce or polluted, people suffer from dehydration, infectious disease, lead poisoning, drought, crop loss and death.


How to reduce your family's exposure to lead


Lead is commonly found in household dust in older homes, but even if your home is new, there are risks of lead exposure outside of the home. It’s a good idea to take steps to limit your child’s possible exposure outside the house.


Symptoms of lead poisoning


Despite the dangers of lead poisoning, most children with elevated lead levels do not have obvious symptoms. The nervous system effects are very subtle, and often go unrecognized by both parents and pediatricians.


Preparing for baby: 6 Ways to remove toxic lead from your home


Reducing your child’s risk of lead exposure is important - and should begin before your baby comes home from the hospital. Here are six simple tips you should take before you get pregnant, and before bringing your baby home.


Remodeling? Here's how to find and remove lead-based paint in your home


When it comes to renovating your home, one of the most important tasks you’ll face is making sure the environment is safe for your child. This includes the dangers of lead contamination during the remodel.


February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day


With many of us living in older homes, remodeling, demolishing, and repainting have become part of the cycle of modern life. Believe it or not, the dust, dirt, old paint, contaminated soil and other demolition and remodeling debris can be harmful to our pets – not just humans.


Missed Opportunities


29 states fail to mandate screenings for 7 health conditions known to impede a child's ability to learn in school. According to the Children's Health Fund report, Missed Opportunities, only 12 states require a lead test for school entry.


For Pregnant Women Exposed to Lead, “an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure”


Mothers exposed to lead – whether through home renovations, unhealthy water, or contaminated consumer goods – will also expose their babies because lead readily crosses the placenta. Awareness and action is critical to preventing lead poisoning.


Screening versus Testing, an AAP clarification


AAP’s Errata provides clarification on the difference between blood lead screening versus testing, and includes modified recommendations for pediatricians, healthcare providers and public health officials. 


The Rise in Blood Lead Levels at Pregnancy and Menopause


The lead trapped in our skeleton can leach back into our bloodstream when we temporarily or permanently lose bone due to pregnancy, weight loss, menopause, or osteoporosis —  Dr. Michael Greger, MD, explains in The Rise in Blood Lead Levels at Pregnancy and Menopause.


When should my child be tested for lead poisoning?


Lead poisoning is one of the most common, preventable childhood diseases. A blood test is the only way to determine if dangerous levels of lead are present.


7 Common sources of lead exposure


While it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid lead - it’s present throughout the environment - it can help to understand the main sources of lead exposure. Learn the 7 most common sources of lead contamination.


How Lead Exposure Affects Pregnancy and Developing Babies


Most people know that being exposed to lead is not healthy, but understanding how it affects both a pregnancy and a developing baby might not be as straightforward.


Are You Maximizing the Benefits of Medical Practice Technology?


Medical practice technology innovation on both the clinical side and administration has been brisk. Here are some useful tips for keeping up with all of the opportunities and choosing the initiatives that will be most beneficial to your practice. 


Magellan Diagnostics and PDXWildlife Partner to Identify Lead Exposure in Giant Pandas


First-ever blood lead analysis study seeks to better understand the effects that lead exposure might have on the reproductive success of the threatened giant panda species 


Why, and How, to Do an E&M Utilization Review for Your Practice


An E&M distribution that is out of line with norms for your specialty could mean a payer audit is more likely. Prepare your practice with these 5 steps.


Magellan Diagnostics Continues Global Development, Signs Exclusive Partnership to Provide Portable Blood Lead Testing in Africa


Magellan Diagnostics Inc., a business unit of Meridian since March 2016, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Biofirm Technologies, one of the leading providers of laboratory equipment, consumables, reagents, and medical equipment in East and Central Africa. 


Restoration Hardware recalls metal top dining tables due to lead exposure risk


According to the retailer, the table's metal top can contain lead, presenting a risk of lead exposure to children. 


Top Tips for Scheduling Preventive Visits


Top Tips for Scheduling Preventitive Visits by Laurie Morgan, partner and consultant, Capko & Morgan


Magellan Diagnostics Signs Exclusive Partnership to Expand Blood Lead Testing in China


Meridian Bioscience, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIVO) today announced that its Magellan Diagnostics business unit has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with MedCaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


Magellan Diagnostics Marks Ten Years of Point of Care Lead Testing, Reaffirms Mission to Raise Awareness


With 10,000 systems shipped and over 13 million tested, Magellan enters next decade with a broadened focus on awareness for at-risk pregnant women.


Timeline: 10 Years of LeadCare II


Timeline of 10 years of LeadCare II and lead history.


Reach Out and Read Early Literacy Initiative Supported by Magellan Diagnostics!


Lead exposure at levels well below 10 mg/dL contributes to decreased reading readiness at kindergarten entry.



Lead Exposure Infographic


Lead exposure poses serious health risks. 


Fight Childhood Lead Poisoning with Nutrition


For parents feeling helpless to protect their kids from lead exposure, diet can have an impact.


Product Recall: M&M’S-Branded Jewelry


Mars Retail Group Recalls M&M’S-Branded Jewelry Due to Violation of Lead Standard.


Testing For Lead Exposure: Don’t Let Your Kids Fall Through The Cracks


Lead is one of the most prevalent environmental health risks for children, with lifelong repercussions.


Product Recall: Five brands of blended curry seasonings


Miami’s Oriental Packing Co. Inc. late Friday recalled roughly 188.5 tons of blended seasoning curry products because it is contaminated with lead.


Magellan Diagnostics Receives CFDA Clearance for LeadCare II in China


Simple, portable diagnostic instrument used in thousands of US clinics will provide three-minute blood lead testing results to Chinese clinicians and parents.


Product Recall: Six brands of turmeric


Six brands of ground turmeric have been recalled for excessive amounts of lead.


Product Recall: L.L. Bean Children's Water Bottle


L.L. Bean recalls 6,700 insulated kids' water bottles after routine testing found the bottoms were erroneously sealed on the bottom with solder containing lead.


Product Recall: Things Remembered Children’s Jewelry


Things Remebered recalls children's silver bracelets and charm necklaces.The coating on the jewlery was found to contain lead in excess of the allowable limit.


Portland Schools Struggle with Lead in Water


Portland schools look to fix lead lines and relationships with parents. 


St. Paul Continues to Combat Lead Pipes


A look at St. Paul, MN's fight to address lead pipes and lead exposure through the water system. 


Connecticut Still Struggles with Lead Poisoning


Levels of lead exposure and lead poisoning in Connecticut might be higher than reported. 


Massachusetts Earmarks $2 Million to Test Water for Lead


In the wake of Flint, Massachusetts sets aside funds to test water in public schools for lead. 


New Jersey to Begin Water Testing in Schools


Governor Chris Christie orders all New Jersey public schools to test their water for lead, beginning September 2016. 


Product Warning: Cra-Z-Art Toys


The New York State Attorney General has opened an investigation into the Cra-Z-Art brand over jewelry kits that contain high levels of lead. 


Meridian Bioscience Acquires Magellan Diagnostics, Inc.


Cincinnati, March 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meridian Bioscience, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio (NASDAQ: VIVO) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Magellan Biosciences, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Magellan Diagnostics, Inc. Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts (near Boston), Magellan pioneered the engineering, development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared products for the testing of blood to diagnose lead poisoning in children and adults. 


Lead Exposure: What Most Parents Don’t Know


The challenge parents face with childhood lead poisoning is that testing is often the only way to know if their child is being exposed. Without testing, parents are in the dark and cannot seek out or address the lead exposure source. Awareness is a parent’s best defense against the life long harmful effects that can lead can have. Boston Parents Magazine


Lead Testing in Maryland


New Maryland lead testing policy: who should be tested and how many are getting the test they need.


Maryland Adopts Universal Testing Policy


January 1, 2016, Maryland adopted a universal blood lead testing policy. Now all children born after 1/1/15 must be tested for lead exposure at 12 and 24 months.


KHS America Recalls Glockenspiel Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard


The pink metal bar on this musical instrument has excessive amounts of lead in the paint. 


Bentonite Me Baby Marked by the FDA for Elevated Lead Levels


FDA warns against using Bentonite Me Baby due to lead exposure risk. 


Christie Vetoes Addition to Lead Hazard Fund


The New Jersey state legislative body voted to add $10 million to the Lead Hazard Control Fund. $50 million had been taken from this fund and repurposed in recent years. This bill was an attempt at rebuilding the fund until Chris Christie vetoed it. 


Sebring Ohio Experiences Water Warning As Well


A warning has been issued about the water in the village of Sebring, Ohio.


Instruments to Help Flint Physicians Quickly Test Patients’ Lead Exposure


Magellan Diagnostics is taking action to help in Flint, MI. The Michigan State and Genesee County Health Departments have responded to the crisis caused by lead in the city’s drinking water by asking pediatricians to test all children up to age 6 who consumed Flint city water after April 2014. In collaboration with the county health department, Magellan is loaning its CLIA-waived LeadCare II systems to practices in Flint to expand access to testing.  


LEAD Clinic at Akron Children's Hospital


Information on the LEAD Clinic at Akron Children's Hospital


A Costly Mistake: Flint, MI by the Numbers


An infograph about the cost of lead exposure in Flint Michigan


Parents Should Be Careful Bathing Children in Water in Flint, MI


A warning about bathing children in Flint, Michigan.


Baltimore City Council Looks to Step Up Fight Against Lead


Baltimore city council wants to continue the fight against lead exposure. 


New Study Links Lead to ADHD


OHSU study shows a relationship between lead exposure and ADHD.


On-site Screening of Lead Exposure with PXRF


A review of the capabilities of the PXRF system.


Lead Exposure in New Jersey Decreases, but Persists


Lead exposure has declined in recent years in southern New Jersey but still remains an issue.  


Timeline of Flint's Water Crisis


A timeline of the lead contimated water crisis in Flint, Michigan.


Memphis Takes Advantage of Federal Funds to Test Homes for Lead


Memphis and Shelby County are using federal grants to test their communities for lead to get the number of children with elevated blood lead levels under control.


Follow-up on Cleveland: How They're Addressing the Problem


A summary of the action steps that Cleveland plans on taking to address the lead exposure problem. 


Flint Michigan Adds Third-Party Water Testing


Flint Michigan adds third-party water testing after failure to find and acknowledge lead in the water earlier in the year. 


Bill to Give New Jersey's Lead Hazard Fund $10 Million


A bill is moving through New Jersey's legislature that would give New Jersey's Lead Hazard Fund $10 million.


3 Tips for a Lead Free Holiday


Some suggestions to keep your children lead safe during the holiday season.


Cleveland Looks to Revamp Lead Program


Cleveland's lead program has suffered the effects of tight budgets over the past few years, but city officials are vowing to make it a priority and revamp the program. 


Black Friday Toy Reminder


A guide to buying lead and toxin free toys for children during the holiday season and year-round. 


Lead Exposure Affects Children's Sleep


A new study links lead exposure in early childhood to increased risk for sleeping problems later in life. 


New England EPA Gives Out $1.75 million in Grants


The New England EPA gave out $1.75 million in 21 different grants.  Two different grants totaling $34,370 were related to lead exposure. 


Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Avengers and Darth Vader Water Bottles Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard


Information about the recall involving Avengers and Darth Vader water bottle from Pottery Barn Kids


Maryland Updates Testing Regulations


Maryland will now require universal lead testing for all 1 and 2 year olds. 


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Activities


A list of activities and educational opportunities around the country for lead poisoing prevention week. 


A Look At Lead in Maine


A look at the issue of lead exposure in Maine. 


Liquid Lead: Lead in Drinking Water


An educational infograph about lead in drinking water. 


A Message from President Amy Winslow, Lead Could be a Spooky Addition this Halloween


Few parents think that a Halloween costume could present a toxic risk, but sadly, some of these costumes can be dangerous, particularly for young children who are more likely to chew or mouth that adorable pumpkin suit.


Flint Officials Are No Longer Saying the Water Is Fine


FLINT, Mich. — All along, through months of complaints from residents of this city about the peculiar colors and odors they said were coming from their faucets, the overriding message from the authorities here was that the water would be just fine.

Then county officials issued an emergency advisory recommending that peiople not drink Flint's water unless it is tested for lead or filtered. The New York Times


Anhing Corporation Recalls ABC Shaped Cookies Due to Lead


ABC Shaped Cookies are being recalled due to elevated levels of lead.  


Imagine Nation Books Recalls Pink Giraffe Animal Purse Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard


The red paint on the zipper contains excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

To view the details of this recall, click here.


5 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Child Back to School


Environmental Hazards At Schools


Infographic: 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Child Goes Back to School


Infographic reviewing 5 questions to ask before sending your children back to school.


Lead Exposure in New Orleans Post Katrina


Lead Exposure in New Orleans Post Katrina



Lead Flows from Colorado to New Mexico


Waste from an abandonded mine in Colorado flows into the river


Could Your Job be Putting Your Family at Risk?


No parent wants to poison their child just by giving them a hug when they get home from work. Lead poisoning is 100% preventable, even if your job requires you to work with lead on a regular basis. Children can be exposed to lead without ever leaving their home, especially when their parent happens to work with lead and comes home with it on their skin or clothes.

This infographic summarizes the dangers and possible sources of "take home" lead as well as how to prevent the exposure from happening.


New Hampshire Moves to Prevention


New Hampshire makes it illegal for landlords to evict families whose children have tested positive for any level of lead. Other measures are established to help protect children against lead exposure. 


Magellan Diagnostics Receives FDA Clearance for LeadCare Plus Clinical Lead Analyzer


Magellan Diagnostics, Inc., the leader in blood lead testing systems for both point-of-care and laboratory analysis, has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market the LeadCare Plus Blood Lead Testing System in the US for the quantification of lead levels in blood.  


LeadCare II identifies lead exposure in India


Increased awareness of lead poisoning in India caused increased demand for testing which is being done with LeadCare II.  


New Jersey Looks to Replenish a Very Depleted Lead Prevention Fund


New Jersey State Senate votes to put $10 million into the Lead Hazard Control Fund before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th.


Northern Tool + Equipment Recalls Little Digger Toy Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard


The red paint on the Little Digger toy frame contains excessive levels of lead, which is prohibited under federal law.

To view the details of this recall, click here.


How Lead Exposure Affects the Academic Achievement Gap


The Economic Policy Institute released a study last week discussing 5 different factors that can negatively affect students’ academic performance but cannot be addressed through educational reform.  These 5 factors included: lead poisoning, different parenting practices, single parenthood, parents’ irregular work schedules, and inadequate access to primary and preventative healthcare.  The goal of the report was to provide evidence and solutions for other issues beyond that classroom that might be increasing the achievement gap.  “Economists, sociologists and developmental psychologists have consistently concluded that background characteristics strongly shape cognitive and behavioral outcomes.  When school improvement is not complemented by policies to narrow social class differences, students’ chances of success area greatly diminished.” The report suggested that all children be tested for lead exposure and the authors believe that while lead abatement across the country would be expensive, the savings would “exceed the costs” in the long-term.


A Message from President, Amy Winslow: Lead Awareness is Coming, Slowly but Surely


President Amy Winslow comments on Thomas Beller's opinion piece in the Sunday Review of the New York Times where he shares his family's experience with lead exposure in New Orleans.  Both express the same frustration from the "false complacency" that many are faced with when discussing lead poisoning.  


Baby’s Dream Recalls Cribs and Furniture Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard


The vintage grey paint on the cribs, furniture, and accessories exceeds federal lead limits. If ingested, lead can cause adverse health effects.

To view the details of this recall, click here.


Cycle Gear Recalls Semi Truck and Motorcycle Toys Due to Excessive Lead Levels


The toys contain excessive levels of lead, which is a violation of the federal standard for lead content. To view the details of this recall, click here.


Magellan Diagnostics Named as one of the Top 100 Women-Led Business in Massachusetts


Billerica, Massachusetts – October 27, 2014 – The Boston Globe Magazine, together with its partner The Commonwealth Institute (TCI), has named Magellan Diagnostics as one of  the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts.  Magellan’s President Amy Winslow was recognized at a breakfast event at the Seaport Boston Hotel last Friday.  The full list was published in the Globe Magazine’s Women & Power Issue at on October 24 and in print on October 26.


Magellan Diagnostics Receives FDA Clearance for LeadCare® Ultra™ Bench-top Clinical Lead Analyzer


Magellan Diagnostics, Inc., the leader in clinical lead testing systems for both point-of-care and laboratory analysis, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market the LeadCare® Ultra™ Blood Lead Testing System in the US for the quantification of lead levels in blood.


San Diego Housing Commission Tests Children for Lead Poisoning


The San Diego Housing Commission has brought lead testing to the King-Chavez Primary Academy as part of their "Home Safe Home" program to reduce the risks of lead poisoning.

Want to read more?


Lead Poisoning Cases Offer New Reminder About Hazards Of Ancient Remedies


Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that's thousands of years old. But some ayurvedic remedies have harmful heavy metal additives, including lead. And those remedies are finding their way to the U.S., as two recent cases of childhood lead poisoning in New York attest.


LRGHealthcare Obtains Lead Screening Machines for Use at Area Physician Practices


LRGHealthcare recently obtained two capillary blood lead level testing machines for use in both Westside Family Practice in Franklin and Newfound Family Practice in Bristol. The machines were purchased through a combined effort between LRGHealthcare and a grant from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA) as part of an initiative of the Franklin-Newfound Area Healthy Homes Committee (a committee of the local public health network, Caring Community Network of the Twin Rivers).


Folk remedy linked to baby’s high lead levels


The specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital were stumped. Usually when they encounter children with high levels of lead in their blood, the culprit is chipped, lead-based paint in families’ homes or yards. But disease trackers found no problematic paint in the home of a six-month old infant with elevated lead levels. The case is prompting an alert from federal health officials about the risk of heavy metal poisoning from folk remedies found in many immigrant cultures.



The National Minority Quality Forum Launches Lead Risk Index


The Lead Risk Index from the National Minority Quality Forum (the Forum) allows users to research lead exposure levels at zip code-level granularity. 


Magellan Diagnostics Partners with the National Minority Quality Forum to Provide Nationwide Lead Exposure Data to the Public


Magellan Diagnostics, the developer of point-of-care lead testing devices, today announced it is collaborating with the National Minority Quality Forum (the Forum) to create Web-based tools and information for indexing lead exposure levels across the country. The collaboration will result in a new index for the Forum, which has created a series of user-friendly Web-based tools that enable users to understand incidence and prevalence of disease on a national, state, and local level. (Read Full Article)


Hackensack Chosen for Lead Poisoning Trial Site


Hackensack’s Health Department was chosen to participate in a new lead poisoning testing trial program.

Using a grant from the New Jersey state Department of Health and Senior Services, the city Health Department is developing a pilot program to test the practicality of using a newer instrument that measures the amount of lead in children’s blood. The newer testing method, known as the LeadCare II system, helps detect and prevent childhood blood lead poisoning. (Read Full Article)


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